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Hi, I’m Chrissi, a mom blogger and mompreneur from MomGlitter.com

Chrissi from momglitter

I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls and am the wife and best friend to my wonderful husband. He is slightly outnumbered because even our dog is female, but he claims that he wouldn’t want it any other way. Gotta love him for that! I grew up in Germany where my side of the family still lives. My husband and I met while being an AuPair in the Chicago area. The distance, once I returned to Germany, was a great test for our relationship. 14 years later we still live happily ever after.

I graduated from a major Big Ten University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and minored in Studio Art and Art History. Psychology and the Arts are very important to me and truly reflect some of my strengths. I have always been a great listener and gave good advice to people who needed it most and that is what led me to Psychology. On the other hand I can be quite creative and have always enjoyed art in one way or another (and still do).

girls ruleWorking on my degree while pregnant and with a toddler proved to be quite a challenge at times. Somehow I managed to get through it and am very proud of this achievement. As a mom you always have a lot going on. With the right mindset and support you can achieve about anything. Support of family and friends is crucial, which makes the saying “it takes a village to raise a kid” beyond accurate! So, be sure to involve that village around you!

Before getting my degree I worked in an academic setting as well as at a bank. The job after graduation was also quite enjoyable. I worked in a non-profit organization with a great mission together with the elderly and volunteers. However, once I was close to my due date with our 3rd daughter I have decided to leave my job.

It didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to have 2 kids at daycare and one in school. My school child would have had to attend the before AND after school program (for extra $$). It was financially ridiculous because there wouldn’t have been very much left over from my salary every month.  Honestly, I did not feel like I should be giving someone else all my money to raise my children when I can do it myself instead. Also, I felt horrible for only seeing my kids a few hours a day. They would have spent more time at daycare than me seeing them. That right there just broke my heart and I could hardly handle it. So, I saw no other option than to become a stay-at-home mom and it was the right decision for me – hands down.

Why blogging?

Although I’ve enjoyed my previous jobs for the most part (ok..sometimes..) I wish I would have started blogging a lot sooner. It certainly is a creative outlet for me and makes it possible to be home with my children. I could not ask for more!

Being a mom blogger is the ideal way to spread my experience and knowledge about pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood and whatever else comes along with becoming a parent and raising a family. My goal is to share all the experience and knowledge I have gathered over the years with YOU. I certainly know how overwhelming pregnancy and motherhood can be! I wish there would have been someone to let me know a lot of the things I’m going to share with you.

Of course, after a while as your children get older going back to work may seem like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, one income doesn’t cut it for us, so I won’t have a choice. When I think about it all I just really do not want to sit in a cubicle 8 hours a day again and miss my kids getting off the bus and such. MOMPRENEUR it is! On top of blogging my passion is to create wedding and event stationery. I use Etsy as platform to sell it and am just in the early stages. It is not my first attempt, so I have learned a lot in the time between my 2 shops. This time is going much better and I hope to share what works for me along the way..

MomGlitter – The Name

The idea of providing moms and soon to be moms with some useful information is the reason that made the name MomGlitter evolve. Simply see “glitter” as the experience and knowledge I will be sharing with you. I will dump a bunch of “mom glitter” on you in hope that it will make your life a bit easier. Not to confuse this with a glitter mom because that is not what or who I am by any means – not so much glitz happening here. I am providing you with mom hacks from one mom to another. Sometimes us moms just need the experience or advice from another momma in order to stay sane. You are not alone out there! I just want you to have readily available options to try, which you may have not yet thought of.

Everything posted has worked for me and other moms. However, this does not guarantee that everything will work for every mom. Sometimes as a mom you get to a point where you don’t know what else to do. Therefore, these things are worth a try! Motherhood can be rough..very rough..and I hope you will find great information on MomGlitter.com to make things much easier on you. You are a hardworking mom or mom to be who deserves to get some information to make life so much easier for yourself. Let’s face it – EVERYONE NEEDS SOME GLITTER IN THEIR LIVES! I am here to make sure you get plenty of glitter dumped right on you! You are in charge to sweep it all up and sprinkle it all over you. Trust me – once you do it will stick!

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I answer all emails myself to assure my fellow mommas get the answers they are looking for.

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