Valentine’s Day Craft and Gift Idea for Children – DIY Playdough

Valentine's Day Craft

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It is almost that time of year again and if you don’t pay close attention at the stores you could almost miss it (time flies). Valentine’s items are literally put out immediately after Christmas and January is not even over yet and you can suddenly find Easter items everywhere. Valentine’s items have been moved into the middle aisles and out of the seasonal aisles. This is literally the order it all happens at stores around here. Things get their special place on the “SEASONAL” shelves and will then be moved to the middle aisle to get more direct attention the closer it gets to the actual holiday. At the same time stores are trying to make room for the next holiday items in the seasonal area. One last step is to smack the clearance stickers on everything for a couple of days after the holiday has passed and off it goes back to the warehouse. By that time, it will most likely be time for the next seasonal items to be moved to the middle aisle and so on and on..

The AHA Moment

Just 2 days ago I checked out the middle aisle to see what Valentine’s items they have for kids this year. After all I have 2 kids in school and they will want to participate in the Valentine’s Day goodie/card exchange with their friends. Everything you see is candy here and there and a bunch of pencils. We usually end up with more pencils than we will EVER need because people try to avoid giving sweets. My 5-year old’s teacher usually encourages to not bring candy in to hand out. With this thought in mind while staring at the Valentine’s candy it was just then when I came up with the genius idea of making something fun every kid loves. I was literally thinking “holy crap, we can make our very own valentine’s playdough”!!! Perfect – homemade playdough as a Valentine’s gift for my kids’ friends. At the store you always get the either boy or girl candy boxes and it would be nice to have a 50/50 version to be honest (if you plan on getting sweets). Making your own playdough makes it possible to create different colors OR a neutral color. Red is a great color because it is somewhat neutral for both genders and fits right in with the whole valentine’s theme.*** I don’t know if you know this (considering my blog’s name), but I LOVE…no seriously..LOOOOOVE glitter and I think this project could use a little (or a lot) of glitter in it. This activity will be amazing for you and your kids and you can also let them help putting the playdough in small containers or jars and decorate them somewhat with ribbon and such. Voila – there you have a candy free and AMAZING valentine’s gift that every single kid will absolutely love. Is this a win-win or what? Sure is if you ask me!

To make this easy peasy on you I have a fun playdough recipe that is easy to make and safe to use for the kiddos. Are you ready for some fun stuff? Here we go..

DIY Playdoh Valentine's Craft

Was shooting for red, but as you can see it just can’t help but to be pink. 😉

***First up, I should mention that (and this was a DUH moment for me..because I knew this would happen, but wanted to try red anyways..) mixing a white dough with lots and lots of red food coloring will still turn it more pink than red. Therefore, be prepared to create more boy friendly colors. Unless you don’t care about the colors that much..

Make your Own Playdough

There are literally no limits for colors. Blue and orange are usually colors most kids enjoy.

Playdough Recipe (best one ever – in my opinion)

What you’ll need:

For decorative purposes:

How it’s DONE:

In a medium to large size pot stir together the flour, salt, and cream of tartar (all dry). Then add the water and vegetable oil. Stir it well, but clumps will remain and that is ok. Now put the pot on the stove and heat up the mixture on medium-low to medium heat. The mixture will thicken quickly, so be sure to constantly stir it. Once it has formed into a ball take it off the stove and put dough on something like a plate or wax paper. Let it sit and slightly cool for a bit and then knead it through with your hands to break up remaining smaller clumps. Divide the dough up and add food coloring. If you are only making it one color you can add it earlier in the pot before cooking it. Otherwise divide up the dough and just knead the food coloring in. Put the dough into resealable storage bags to keep it moist. Add glitter if you like!

This playdough is non-toxic, should last you for a couple plus months and it is actually quite a bit of fun to make. If the dough ever starts drying up feel free to add a bit of water to it and it will go back to its normal consistency. Perfect activity to make and then play with or in this case give it to friends on Valentine’s Day.

Hint: For great smells you can add ½ teaspoon of vanilla, almond or lemon extract and so on. There are no limits – just go with what you like!

Fancying it up:

  • Add Glitter
    • As mentioned before you can add some glitter to it. Mix it in well when you do!
  • Container / Glass Jar (these jars are another alternative to the above mentioned)
    • Put the playdough in a glass jar and close it tight with a lid
  • Decorative Accent
    • Add a thin ribbon around the jar with a cute bow & maybe a small cookie cutter shaped like a heart and voila – done is the perfect Valentine Gift
Cookie Cutter and play dough

Add a cord or some twine and attach a small cookie cutter piece to the present. Kids will love this!

Kids Valentine's Gift

Add a cute glitter ribbon.








I hope you enjoy making this as much as my girls and I have. Working on super cool projects like these is always a great bonding experience for all of us. Just be sure to give each kid enough tasks to do so they will not fall into the “but she gets to do this” or “I wanted to..”..”I had it first..” trap that can easily ruin the fun.

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