How to Entertain Your Toddler in the Snow

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With my children of ages 1, 5 & 8 their skills and interests lay obviously on way different levels. My 5 and 8 year olds enjoy a lot of similar activities together indoors and outdoors. Especially when it comes to the outdoor activities it is usually my 1 year old who just has to sit on the sideline. She is still way too young for most of the activities that my older daughters enjoy. Any mom of a toddler knows that just sitting still on the side for more than a few minutes won’t fly with that little one. She can’t ice skate or ski yet and sledding is only fun for her for so long.

What do you do with a little one while your other kids are having outdoor fun during the winter months?

Well, what we know is that a toddler will oftentimes very likely entertain themselves when you hand him or her a bunch of items to play with. Who would have thought that there are actually a TON of toys to play with in the snow for those little munchkins. Personally, I find that anything that works for sand (or vice versa) is also great for snow (this is the key right here). These toys work especially well when it’s sticky snow, but even if not it will still be fun. The items I’m about to list will keep your toddler busy for quite a while. It will make things much more enjoyable for everyone – it is a win-win!

Below are items that can be so much fun in the snow for your younger child. However, I bet your older kids will also have a lot of fun using them! To give you a better overview I created a board (just click on the image of the board below the list) that will list most of these items plus some.

..and more (see board below)


Toddler Winter Toys


Get Your Toddler Fun Snow Toys Before the Next Big Snow

It all comes down to being creative sometimes. Just because it says “sand” toy doesn’t mean you can strictly only use it for sand, right? Anyways, I have included some snow items that the whole family can enjoy (like the fun snow art paint – probably best used with supervision of an adult).

Here in Northern Michigan we are expecting another good load of snow coming early next week. It will be fun to play with some of the above listed items. Just make sure that anything with metal pieces (like little shovels, rakes, etc.) will be cleaned up afterwards so it won’t rust from the melting snow or ice.

Now get some of those fun toys before the next snow hits so that your toddler can have a blast in the snow as well!

If you are looking for some winter sport ideas or need kids snow equipment ideas check out this article.



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