Family Winter Sport Activities with Children

Up North Winter Beauty

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We Got the Beautiful Natural Glitter – aka Snow!

Ever since we’ve moved Up North we have awaited the arrival of winter with great excitement. Snow was one of our (or at least mine) big reasons on the list to move here. You can bet your glory bum that we got what we were asking for. Winter has come in full suit and leaves us in aww..with our mouths open and everything. Especially when it snows so hard we can’t even see the houses just across the street. I always say I feel like I live in a snow globe. It is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Did I really just type this? I guess I did because it really IS THAT amazing!! I will never again give up my amazing snow months here. No way – nuh uh!

You know, it’s not like we weren’t used to cold weather, but what was lacking was the snow. Snow and ice (except for on the roads) bring along SO MANY awesome and fun opportunities for winter activities. Bit by bit the hubby and I try to introduce our kids to this winter fun. Some of the things my love and I will be trying out for the first time as well. It is going to be a FUN season for our household!

Family Activities during the Winter Months

One of the snow activities we are all already good at is…you guessed it right..SLEDDING! Not really that complicated to sit on a sled and rush down the hill. SleddingOn the other hand there actually are really great sledding hills around here (way longer than what we’re used to). They are a pain to walk up, but worth all the fun sledding down. I was debating quite a lot which winter sport should be introduced to the girls first. I decided to work on their ice skating skills just because the rink is within a 5 minute drive and free of charge. The local people here take great care of it and enjoy hockey quite a bit themselves. I may try myself at hockey one of these days. Crazy? Maybe (everybody has a little “cray-cray in them, right?), but it looks like a ton of fun!

Anyways, the girls each got a pair of ice skates for Christmas. My oldest one got some beautiful, white figure skating skates. My 5 year old daughter received these cool looking ice skates that are completely adjustable in size. They remind me of a hybrid of figure skates and hockey skates. Speaking of husband and I got ourselves some as well. It has been a while since we hit the ice and I must say it was quite awkward at first. These warm and cozy figure skates I got feel pretty good and really keep my tootsies warm. My husband had to be cool and get hockey skates. You know, my expectations when getting the girls on the ice were rather low. I honestly figured they would just whine about how hard it is and would be ready to go home after 10 minutes or so. Boy, was I wrong! An hour later they still did not want to leave and actually figured out how to move on ice without biting it constantly. I was not only amazed, but they sure made this momma proud!

{ I guess my constant attempts to make them understand that you should keep trying and not give up easily and eventually things work out has sunk in! It really is good to know that my constant nagging leads to something. Yay for that! }

There are many other activities that are great in cold weather that we will be trying out one of these days. There are things like downhill skiing, snow walking, ice fishing, cross country skiing and so on. I thought it would be a good idea to offer you an online board that shows many useful equipment items that can be used during the winter season. CLICK RIGHT HERE TO GET TO THE BOARD. As a bonus I also created a list of snow gear to wear in this arctic weather (see below & click on the list image).


winter sport equipment affiliated



One item that cannot be left out is a helmet! Please make sure thatespecially kids wear one while playing wild in the snow and on ice. I can highly recommend the helmet on the “Winter Equipment List” from Bolle. It looks great, keeps the head warm and is very comfortable (I’ve tried it and my kids agree as well)!

As a bonus I also created a list of snow gear for kids to wear in this arctic weather (see below & click on the image).

Snow Gear Children


When my 5 and 8 years old girls get to try out all these fun snow activities my 1.5 year old could usually not care less about those things. The question is what do you do with a child under 3 or 4 in the snow in the meantime? Check out this article with an awesome snow toy board for those little ones.

toddler waiting in snow

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